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Deborah Dolen Advocate Against Cyberbully Activity

A few years ago I sued two women in Federal Court, Tampa, for creating false complaints against me and any company I owned on the internet.  False complaints are created and then a bunch of comments posted (usually the same day) as if they are different people.  Many things were published that were not true or simply my personal business.  The whole issue of cyberbully became important to me because it can happen to anyone and it is not fair at all.  Demented people who want other people to be more miserable than they are, ruin someone's life, or  just get some fame for themselves.  I wanted to jump off a bridge when it started.  Tyler Clementi did and cases like that fueled my desire to fight back.  Most cyber victims either do not know who is doing it, or do not have the time or resources to do anything.  I gave up the last two years of my life to try to put a dent in Cyberbully activities.  It was not easy, free speech can go beyond mean when you are a public figure, and privacy is really hard to pierce - and trying to tip toe past the passionate privacy guardians of the web, very little was easy. 

How can you tell a cyberbully attack?  In my case it is always an anonymous platform where no proof of purchase ever has to be submitted.  In any event the case, known as Deborah Dolen's Lawsuit, went to Federal Trial in Tampa, Florida spring of 2011 and I could not prove the ownership of the most offensive web site - which was fairly integral to all activity slamming my name and brands.    To even make it to a jury trial on a potential free speech case is very awesome.  I made it that far.  The case was dismissed on day 4, just after I rested my case, and just before it went to jury so no real determination was made.  The worst web site was placed in a fake name of "Larry Anderson" and I could not prove a "Larry Anderson" did not exist.  Overall the trial went well and I talk about it here:

Post Trial and new fake complaints against Mabel White:  The two ladies who continue to post false complaints have nothing to loose nor any real web business at risk as I do.  I get notice of a new false complaint almost every two weeks now.  Joanne Kidd of Jacksonville Florida, who DOES live with her elderly mother, (her zoning shows one address not two like Joanne Kidd would like to have everyone believe] has obsessed with dedicating her web site to put me down, call me an elder abuser, and lie about me and why she and her home owner mother,  (who was warned pre-suit of computer activity) was ever sued by me.  Joanne Kidd of Jacksonville, FL continues to post blatant lies on her blog and Julie Ryals of Florida continued to orchestrate false complaints against my company, I suspect (just my opinion) in concert with Joanne Kidd of Jacksonville, FL.   In dire need of attention, they garner that just from me saying their names-so another reason I would like to not write about them.  I do not like giving them attention.  Still, I must address the constant posting of new complaints on any anonymous platform they can find.  This letter is intended to come up in searches the two are branding with my name involved.   Why are they doing this? Probably because they were happily anonymous when I first ran into them in 2008 -and by suing them when they began hurting me - I made it clear who their names were and they had stalked other women on the net before I came along.  In particular, and Angela Ledcke, former wife of Joanne Kidd's PRESENT husband.  Poor Angela is still being bashed, now publically on Joanne Kidd's site - so it is no secret Joanne Kidd is obsessed with the ex wife, as well as me now.  My name is repeated 110 times in her web site.  If my lawsuit did anything, it helped new victims better isolate who may be harming them.

Basically,  since the trial ended there has been another barrage of false complaints by this demented little circle, at my companies Soytanicals, Mabel's Miracles, Mabel White Home Living,,, and I noticed most recently it is because they have upset other people. Other women have posted of being cyber bullied and harassed on line.  These are new situations - post my trial.    As I said in my lawsuit, only women are selected.  *Note - I get upset customers, a few a month, we process almost a thousand orders a month-but no one is mad to the extent of these kind of claims, and Pay Pal dispute is the route people go if needed.   Luckily I had a lot of loyal customers before this began. Not a lot of people see this trash either-but it does need to be addressed where ever their lies are coming up.  You can be sure it is incentive to stay current when at all possible.

So, since the lawsuit trial ended, other purported victims of Julie Ryals of Florida and/or  Joanne Kidd of Jacksonville, FL have posted comments and possible the two Defendants think I did it. Either way false complaints are being posted about me,, and oehr sites I own--pretending to be customers of mine - with very search specific terms, key words and tags no real customer is going to bother with or begin to know how to do.  The new complaints I just found on Julie Ryals Florida and Joanne Kidd of Jacksonville, FL are here - and I did NOT have anything to do with these recent complaints:

Jun 11, 2011

Julie Ryals   She has verbally harassed me for the last 3 months because she does not approve of my business Continued

Jun 19, 2011

Julie Ryals Julie Ryals of MomPack is Known for harassment Internet "Julie Ryals is an internet bully and spammer. This woman owns multiple sites and she uses them to harass people through the internet. She has been harassing me for over five years because she doesn't approve of what I do. I first met Julie through her yahoo group the mompack. At first I thought it was a great group until I posted what I do for a living." Continued

Jun 20, 2011

Julie Ryals Julie Ryals of MomPack is Known for harassment Internet.

Joanne Kidd Jacksonville, FL

Julie Ryals Florida